March 22, 2008

Meat dishes; Eggs, Chicken, Seafood, Pork, Lamb,Beef

Chicken Tetrazzine

Paneer Potato Omelet

Punjabi Egg Masala

Egg Jalfrezi

Mac and Cheese with sausage casserole

Murgh Nizam

Shrimp Moily

Caribbean Chicken Fricassee

Masala Egg (Motte Saaru)


Spinach and Ricotta Gnocchi

Kadai Murgh(Chicken-bell pepper gravy)

Narial Murgh (Coconut Chicken curry)

Egg curry with Biryani masala

Southern Smothered Chicken

Kari Ikan(Malaysian fish curry)

Maacher Sorse Jhol(Fish in mustard sauce)

Kolhapuri Egg Rassa

Karnataka Kai Koli Saaru(Coconut chicken Curry)

Anda Saga Rai(Egg-greens curry)

Kozhi Mappas(Kerala Chicken curry)

Yakhni Anda(Eggs in gravy)

Butter Chicken(Murgh Makhani)

Shahi Badam Murgh(Royal Almond Chicken)

Kari Ayam(Malaysian Chicken Curry)

Benne Kadubus with Chicken Curry

Tomato Chicken

Madurai Kozhi Khozhambu(Madurai Chicken Curry)

Coconut Chicken Curry

Kesar Murgh(Saffron chicken)

Chunky Chicken-Rice Soup

Chicken Taco Soup With Tortilla Chips

Chili Con Corne

Chicken Satay with Peanut sauce

Chilli Chicken with Pita

Chicken Taquitos

Egg Bhurgi

Mini Meatloaf stuffed with boiled Eggs

Savory Pastrami and Provolone French Toast

Orange Chicken with veg Chow Mein

Seven layer Tacos with Guacamole

Cornish Pasties

Tandoori Chicken

Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes with spicy Remoulade Sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken and Broccoli

Shepherd's pie

Tomato Penne Bake with ground meat

Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani with Boorani

Leek,Celery and Carrot soup with Turkey meat balls

Chicken and Broccoli Casserole

Chicken BBQ Sandwiches with fixings

Sloppy Joe with Coleslaw and Potato salad

Cheesy Chicken, vegetables and Rice Casserole

Oven baked Tandoori Chicken

Turkey Dinner

Ham-cheese Calzone

Tandoori Chicken Puffs

Arroz Con Pollo with Recado Rojo(Mexican Chicken)

Pepper Chicken

Egg Kottu Paratha

A Monterey Jack/Cheddar cheese and Hashbrown Omelet

Migas/Sundance eggs for breakfast

Lal Maas (Rajashani red meat)

Chicken Curry with coconut and Almond sauce

Chicken Masala with Turmeric rice

Pork Sorpotel