March 22, 2008

Dishes I tried from other blogs!

Tikhi Puris with Batata nu Shaak from Trupti's blog.
Kanji with Cherupayar Mezhukkupuratti from shn's blog.
Leafy Paratha rotis from Cynthia's blog.
Aloo Parathas from Pooja's and Kajal's blogs.
Coconut Buns from Pushpa's blog.
Peanut Chutney Powder from Roopa's blog.
South Indian Masala Powder from Viji's blog.
Garam masala from Coffee's blog.
Avocado Parathas from Spice Lover's blog.
Beet Roti from Maheswari's blog.
Fettuccine Alfredo from Susan's blog.
Sixteen Bean Soup from Linda's blog.
Kaaram from Meena K's blog.
Red Bell Pepper Chutney from Indira's blog.
Rice Rotti from Latha's blog.
Tindora Masala from Prema's blog.
Kerala Sambhar from Priya's blog.
Cornish Pasties from Linda's blog.
Field beans curry(Avarekaii saaru) from Lera's blog.
Kollu Rasam from MT's blog.
Mixed Vegetable Kootu from Vani's blog.
Spring Onion Curry from Madhu's blog.
Hotel Kurma from Spice lover's blog.
Brinjal-Potato in Tamarind Gravy from Deepa's blog.
Coconut Chicken Curry from Sailu's blog.
Eggplant curry from Suma G's blog.
delicious south Indian Aloo Methif rom Latha's blog.
Spicy Poori with Potato-Tomato gravy from Trupti's blog.
Chana Masala from Mythreyee's blog.
Spicy Peanuts from Sri's blog.
Baingan da Bharta from Vimmi's blog.
Potato Kurma from Sri's blog.
Broccoli Lemon Chicken from ChrisB's blog.
Eggplant Pithlai from Ssriranjini's blog.
Tomato Gravy from Cham's blog.
Bhagara Baingan from Seema's blog.
Majjige Huli from Red Chillies blog.
Bisi Bele Bhath from Vani's blog.
Cabbage saagu from Suma's blog.
Dosa Podi from Siri's blog.
Chettinad Chutney from Hema's blog.
Garlic Chutney from Meera's blog.
Green Mango dal from Uma's blog.
Dal Makhani from EC's blog.
Poondu kuzhambu from Myth's blog.
Hotel Sambhar from Indo's blog.
Okra in green sauce from Lakshmi G's blog.
Churmuri from Saakshi's blog.
Radish Pachadi from Krishna and Arjuna's blog.
Karahi Murgh (Gosht, originally) from A.R.A.D. blog.
Odiyan Aloo Chop from Saswati's blog.
Mallige Idlis
from Seema's blog.
Aloo Methi from Kribha's blog.
Garlic Aloo
from Nags' blog.
Alu Posto from Sandeepa's blog.
Vada Pav from Vanamala's blog.
Kerala Chilli Chicken
from Rachel's blog.
Egg fried rice from Priyanka's blog.
Omelette with Potato from happy cook's bog.
Raw Tomato chutney/curry
from Vijaya's blog.
Chole from Padma's Kitchen blog.
Kollu(Horse gram) chutney from Paati's blog.
Mor Kali
from Suganya's blog.
Butter Chicken from Mona's blog.
Kadala Curry from JaiBee's blog.
Kultha Saar from Raaga's blog.
Huruli saaru from Ramya's blog.
Avarekalu Saaru
from Suma's blog.
Egg Roast
from Seena's blog.
Paneer di Kadhi
from Musical's blog.
Chettinad style chicken curry from Sailu's blog.
Spicy popcorn chicken from Sig's blog.
Sajjige Rotti from Sia's blog.
Paneer Butter Masala from Mansi's blog.
Arachuvitta Katrikai kuzhambu from Nirmala's blog.
Aloo(Baingan)Kurma from Anjali's blog.
Paneer Parathas
from Dhivya Vikram's blog.
Toaster Tandoori Roti
from Hetal & Anuja's blog.
Vatana Bateta Tameta nu Shaak
from Richa's blog.
Red chilly chutney from Sumitha's blog.
Dark Chocolate Panna Cotta from Deeba's blog.
Rava Idli from Latha and Lakshmi's blog.
Radish Kootu
from tbc's blog.
Moong dal with cucumber
from Pravs's blog.
Gowdru Pulao
from Namratha's blog.
Tomato-Carrot Dosa
from Laavanya's blog.
Aloo-white peas bhaji for Pooris
from Padmaja's blog.
Kerala Potato stew/Eshtu from shn's blog.
Kerikku dosa/Coconut Aapam from Bharathy's blog.

Chole-Bhatura from Pooja's blog.
Vegetable dal curry from Prajusha's blog.
Chicken Chalna from Kamala's blog.
Temple style Pulihora from Sagari's blog.
Paratha stuffed with spicy rice flour from Anjali's blog.
Beetroot Dosai from Indo's blog.
Oil free chicken from Sunita's blog.
Sev and Tomato Shaak from Saju's blog.
Dinner Rolls from Dhivya's blog.
Andhra chicken curry from Sri's blog.
Coorg style Mudare Kanni from Linda's blog.(I used Hurulikalu/Horse gram/Kollu)
Tausha Idli from RC's blog.
Pudina Pachadi with peanuts from Indira's blog.
Muttai Kuzhambu from Purl's blog.
Set Dosa and veg curry from Sagari's blog.
Thengai Vengayam chutney from Kalai's bog.
Rajma from Mandira's blog.
Kalayile Phovu with Phova Pittu from Shilpa's blog.
Saibhaji from Jyotsna's blog.
Kolombo with Kolombya Pitto from Maya's blog.
Onion-Tomato sauce Kulcha from Jayashree's blog.
Ulli Kozhi from Shaheen's blog.
Exquisite eggplant from Uma's blog.
Tomato Rice form Manasi's blog.
Irani Baida Curry from Meera's blog.
Tawa Naan from Aparna's blog.
Thalagam from Nandita's Blog.
Khara Biscuits from Namratha's blog.

Chavli Amti from Nupur's blog.
Bhinda Ni Kadhi from Coffee's blog.
Dabeli Masala from Trupti's blog.
Dabeli from Rricha's blog.
Phulko Luchi ar Aloor Dom from Sandeepa's blog.
Cheesy Dal bread from Sunita's blog. Used (spicy Butternut squash stir-fry instead of dal)
Methi Shag Bhaja from Jayashree of "spice and curry" blog.
Karaikudi Sambhar from Latha N's blog.
Parotta from Maheswari's blog.
Channa Ghassi from Seema's blog.
Uppu Huli Dose from Ramya's blog.
Varuthu Araitha Kootu from Lakshmi N's blog.
Vaighanache Upkari with Thambale Pudi from Ranji's blog.
Lasooni dal palak from Swati's blog.
Badanekayi pudi Kuttida palya from Ramya's blog.
Greens Paratha from TC's blog. (I added Red chard and fresh Rosemary, yum!)
Sprouted Moong Idli from smn's blog.
Brinjal Mooru Kootan from Prav's blog.
Udupi Sambhar from Sia's blog.
Kolhapuri Tambda Rassa from Meera.
Misal from Meera.
Malvani Tomatochi Amti/Saar from Meera.
Dosakai Pachadi from Padma's blog.
Baalekai paladya from Ramya's blog.
Stuffed Baby Brinjal from Latha's blog.
Pav Bhaji from Nupur's blog.
Kathirikkai Pithlai for Sowmya's blog.
Cheddar garlic biscuits from cham's blog.
Pindi Chana from Viji's blog.
Paneer Tikka Masala from JZ's blog.(added some green peas)
Khasta Kachori from Lakshmi G's blog.
Kodubale from A&N' s blog.
"No knead Bread" from NY Times by Jim Lahey.
Quinoa dosa, from thetastetinkerer.
Kandi Podi, from Uma.
Mangalore chicken curry, Ranji.
Lima Beans Curry, from Medhaa.
Huli, from Ramya of Mane Adige.
Pacchi Pulusu, from Rekha.
Amaranth dal, from Anusha.
Black Eyed Peas Kurma, from Kribha.
Beans (originally made with Plantain stems) Kootu, from Srivalli.
Butter beans Subzi, from RC.
Rasam, from Sireesha.
Chole, Priti.
Onion Tomato chutney, from Vysh.
Squash Gojju, from Paaru.
Avarekalu Saaru, from Mamatha.
Vegetable Kurma,
from Bhags.
Tomato Rasam, from Priya.
Bhindi Gojju, from RC.
Spring onion chutney, from Jayashree.
Majjige Huli, from Anu.
Gutti Vankaya, from Syamu.
Plain paper dosa, from Ramya.
Padavalakai Kootu, from Latha and Lakshmi.
Madras Onion Sambhar, from Kalpana.
Spicy Chicken curry, from Srilekha.
Tomatillo Kootu, from Mahimaa.
Udupi Dhania Sambhar, from Paru.
Fluffy Idlis, from DK.
Beets- Chana dal stir fry, from Priya.

Lahori dal, from Super chef.
Vankaya Pulusu, from Rekha.
Palkova, from Sagari.
Errisery,(I used Turnips), from Happy Cook.
Chilli chicken, from Sig.
Cabbage-Moong dal Kootu, from Smitha.
Potato Onion Rasa Palya, from Rupa Mohan.
Channa masala South Indian style, from Adlak.
Neer Dosa, from Ranji.
Khara bhath, from Nirupama.
Carrots chutney/stir fry, from sra
. (I used Broccoli, carrots,red cabbage)
Chettinadu Tomato Rasam, from Dibs.
Potato Muruku, from Vijaya.
Zucchini chutney, from Laavanya. (Added 1" ginger and 1 garlic to grind and tempered with mustard seeds)
Crowder peas Usal, from Meera. (Made this with some gravy to go with soft Idlis!)
Kollu Pongal, from Jayasree.
Kollu Rasam, from Indosungod.
Eggplant pickle, from Ranji.

Brinjal cooked shallot coconut sauce, from Nagu.
Mulangi sambhar, from Krishnaveni. (added a bit more coriander seeds, rest is the same)
Sabbakki Idli, from Lakshmi G. (Used 2 cups Rava to 1 cup Sago/Sabbakki, steamed in Dhokla stand instead of Idli stand)
Cauliflower Kurma, from Madhumathi.
Dill chapatis, from Ashwini.
Kathirikkai Mor-Kuzhambu, from Malar.
Moogachi Hirwi Amti, from Meera.
Keerai Molagutal, from Super chef.
Ven Pongal and Gosthu, from Suganya.
Vellarikka Kichadi/raita, from Divya Kudua.
Spicy Appe, from Paru.
Vellarikkai Puli Pachadi, from Aparna.
(Used Zucchinis, tasted great)
Turkey curry, from Viki. (added Eggs instead of Turkey to the same gravy)
Porial, from Nags. (used Beets instead of Eggplants)
Vankaya Bagara, from Vijaya.
Capsicum and Tomato Pappu, from Priya.
Beet Root-Corn Upma, from Ashwini.
Vangya cha Rassa, from Anjali.
Spicy Carrot Chutney, from Arch.

Varutharacha Sambhar, from Divya Kudua.

Peanut Chutney, from Sowjanya.

Pesarattu, from Vaishali.
Spicy dal-Potato fry, from Subhie Arun.
Doi Dim, from Sandeepa.
Capsicum Peanut curry, from Supriya.
Egg curry in Milk sauce, from Aquadaze.
Potato Curry with Podi, from Cham.
Chicken Curry with Yogurt from IndosunGod.